Wistanstow village hall wedding

wistanstow village hall wedding shropshire

Wistanstow village hall wedding

Wistanstow village hall weddings are a real favourite of mine, the hall always looks so amazing as it's such a flexible venue. Today rather than me write a blog post myself. I wanted to do something a little bit different. Last September Mair and Darren got married at St Marys church in Bromfield near Ludlow. Following this, they had their wedding reception at the beautiful Wistanstow village hall in Shropshire. This blog post is more of an interview about my couple this time. So in their words this is their wedding story!

wistanstow village hall wedding shropshire

The interview

Tell us a bit about yourselves and How did you meet?

Our names are Darren and Mair, we have been together almost 7 years and we got married last September in Bromfield Church, near Ludlow. We met whilst working together in Tesco. Darren worked in the produce department and I was on customer services.

The marriage proposal!

When she eventually came out of the toilet she simply asks me ‘Who should go first?’. ‘Er, YOU’ I said, wondering how she managed to miss the giant sized lettering on the bed. ‘Mmn’OK…’ she said before jumping onto the bed in her excitement to open the present and messing the message up in the process. I told her to read what it said on the bed and I could hear the cogs turning as they wrapped around the phrase ‘ILL OU ARRY E’ ….

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

We had just over 2 years to plan and arrange everything for our big day. Which we were very glad about, as you really don’t realise just how much organising goes into a wedding until you have to start planning one. We very much enjoyed the whole planning process, from choosing the venue and the decor, and organising the catering to choosing transport and the suits for the groomsmen.  Actually, we very much enjoyed it all. I think it was nice for us as we were able to plan every last detail, by using the village hall we were able to have full creative freedom to do what we wanted with it (within reason of course!).

When did you get married?

We got married on 16th September. We chose this date as it is Mair’s Nan’s birthday. Sadly she passed away just 5 weeks before we got married, but having chosen the church she had attended her whole life to get married in.  We felt very much as though she was still a huge part of our special day 🙂

What was the best bit of your day?

The Espresso Martinis! (lol) We were very lucky, it was a beautiful sunny day, everything went to plan and it was all just so special. All the little details, it was all very much worth it. It was lovely getting all our friends and family together and celebrating and seeing everyone have such a fab time. Everyone said what a beautiful and special day it was afterwards which meant a lot to us as we literally planned every little detail from start to finish! So it meant a lot for everyone to say how wonderful it was!

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Plan plan plan! And enjoy the big day! Regardless! (And don’t drink too much- the hangover the next day wasn’t such fun!)

I hope you enjoyed the invaluable information that Mair and Darren have provided. If your inspired after this and your also planning a village hall wedding in Shropshire or any where in the UK and you like my style of photography. I’d really love to hear from you and listen to what you have planned for your village hall wedding. Why not get in touch below!

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