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This bit is about me!

Your wedding day is all about you… but this page is all about me, the one behind the camera! If I’m your kind of guy, that’s awesome. Working with people who have the same outlook on life makes my job even more enjoyable.

Me and my camera

My photography journey started in around 2002, when I went travelling around Australia and New Zealand with friends. I bought myself a film camera, and my love for taking pictures began.

After travelling, I bought myself a DSLR and got into landscape photography. I had to learn everything myself, and there is A LOT to learn!

Becoming a wedding photographer was purely accidental, I was that friend with a camera! Once I started, I realised being part of those important moments was where I could make the most of my skills. I’m a people person and weddings are all about people.

As they say, the rest is history – to date I’ve photographed over 200 weddings!

sky diving over christchurch

What else do I do?

When I’m not photographing weddings, I also work part-time as a Butcher for D.W Wall in Ludlow. Sounds like a weird combination, but imagine your chatty local butcher or shopkeeper… that’s me! I've done this for years and I love it

Out delivering!!!

Super proud uncle

family photography

My niece! My heart melts every time I see her. Having her in my life has made me realise how important it is to get photos of kids at weddings. Children have a different, unfiltered view of the day, and can be absolutely hilarious!

my favourite lady!

My love for all things Marvel

I've been a massive fan of Marvel since I was young. I loved my Spiderman wallpaper, the films and collectables. My tattoo sleeves are my grown up (ish..) version of spiderman wallpaper – they’re a work in progress and always attract some interest

me on the other side of the camera!

Family and friends


This is my family, I can't put into words how much I love every single one of them. I know how important family and friends are, and capturing them being relaxed and completely themselves is one of my favourite things.


Super friendly photographer

I'm a super chilled-out person, I’m laid back and like to have a laugh. I always have likeminded clients, so I fit in and it feels like I'm a guest with a camera at all the weddings I shoot!

Kate and mikes wedding

best wedding photographer in shropshire

I love to cycle

Cycling used to be a love and hate hobby for me, now I've got a gravel bike it's all love. Shropshire has some stunning countryside to ride in, it's so much fun.

trying to look cool!

pendral hall wedding

Dominic was so much fun, his personality and humour immediately puts you at ease

client love

We were immediately drawn to Dominic's laid back, candid shots that really captured the day for his clients. Neither of us are fans of posed photographs particularly so we were looking for a non traditional style that was more focused on documenting the day as it naturally panned out. We were excited to see that even the posed shots on Cloud9 seemed natural and fun. Working with Dominic was so much fun, his personality and humour immediately puts you at ease when in front of the camera. We were absolutely blown away with the photographs we received from our day. The couple shoots, which my husband was dreading on the day, were casual and fun taking away all the awkwardness. The photos showed how relaxed we were and captured our personalities. The candid shots are perfect reminders of our day and the wonderful people we shared it with. If you want a relaxed wedding day and high quality photos to remember the days unique events, Cloud9 Wedding Photography is the perfect choice.

- Sophie & Zac

My Love for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is how I first started using my camera. I'd travel and hike for miles and miles for that perfect shot. It’s where I learned about the importance of light and composition (and being prepared for all weathers!).

As well as working as a Shropshire wedding photographer, I’ve explored and photographed some fantastic landscapes across the UK. Framed prints are available for purchase here.



landscape photography

View from Caynham camp

St Laurence's church morning glory

Dinham bridge ludlow
clee hill landscape

Burning skies over Titterstone Clee

Dinham bridge at autumn

ludlow castle photography

Long Mynd sunrise

Ludlow Castle surrounded by mist




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