I was born and bred in Shropshire but I never get tired of the scenery so I was delighted when Linda and James got in touch to ask me to photograph their Shropshire wedding at Walcot Hall in Lydbury North.  It was my third wedding at this venue and it is set in one of the most beautiful locations you will ever see – no wonder they chose it!  The weather on the day was a little mixed but mainly sunshine, Linda and James got ready at Walcot Hall and the wedding ceremony was being held just a 5 minute drive away at St Walburga’s Catholic Church in Plowden.  During the short drive back to Walcot Hall, I got the driver to stop at a couple of spots so I could take full advantage of the views of the Shropshire hills being in the background of Linda and James wedding photographs.

Once we arrived back at Walcot Hall and did the family photographs, everybody had time to catch up over some canapés and drinks and this is always a good time for me to capture  candid images of the guests having a good time.

Linda and James and all of their guests were so nice.  Although I think James was hoping time would pass a bit quicker during the best man’s speech!

After the wedding breakfast we went for a walk up into the arboretum overlooking the Shropshire hills.  The view was spectacular.  Best wishes to you both x

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