Lindsey and Ben’s Spring Wedding at Delbury Hall – The Coach House Wedding Venue

May the joys of a spring wedding are truly fantastic with the beautiful colours popping up every where.  Today I was back at Delbury Hall for Lindsey and Ben’s  spring wedding.  Lindsey and Ben had chosen to say their wedding vows at the beautiful St Peter’s church which is a stones throw away from Delbury Hall, actually there’s a pathway leading straight through into the church grounds.

If you would like further details on Delbury Hall – The Coach House wedding venue then take a look at their website here

Spring Wedding in Shropshire

After the ceremony it was a short walk back.  Ludlow Catering staff were ready and waiting with drinks and canapés for the wedding reception. It really was a beautiful summers day, everyone was enjoying the warm weather and grounds at Delbury Hall. Once I gathered everyone for the confetti and group shots, It was that time of day for all the guests to head in for the wedding breakfast followed by the  speeches.

After the wedding breakfast I took this opportunity to take a stroll around the grounds with Lindsey and Ben for a portrait shoot, spring weddings are especially great because of the cherry blossom is in full bloom. It looked absolutely stunning in the last rays of sunlight.

Delbury Hall – The Coach House Wedding Venue

We took full advantage of this and then it was time to head back in for the evening guests and cutting of the cake. Just after their first dance,

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