I’m really looking forward to starting my 2016 wedding season. Being a Shropshire wedding photographer and back at Delbury Hall once again, where I finished off my 2015 wedding season.  Today I have the pleasure of photographing Chris and Zofia’s wedding.

So it’s March. Early spring and the weather can be very hit and miss during this time of the year.  But so far it’s baring up considering it’s been pretty dreadful the last week.

Country House Wedding Photographer

So bridal preparations were in full swing and everyone was in high spirits.  Amy from Riverside Beauty was her usual happy go lucky self, making everyone laugh.  Just click here to find out more about  Amy’s service.

The wedding ceremony was being held on the mezzanine today, all of the bridesmaids and flower girl were looking gorgeous. Chris stood in anticipation for Zofia to walk down the aisle, there was plenty of emotion and tears and laughter during the service.  The Hall where the wedding breakfast was being held was looking stunning with all the bunting and beautiful flowers and not forgetting the wedding cake!

Delbury Hall Wedding in Shropshire

After the ceremony,  Ludlow Catering staff were ready with drinks and canapés for the wedding reception.  As previously said the weather wasn’t that great but everyone was able to go outside for the confetti shots and to enjoy some time around the grounds at Delbury Hall and to have a good old mingle in the courtyard.

It was nearly time for all the guests to head in for the wedding breakfast and speeches. Chris and Zofia stayed back with me so we could take a few natural wedding portraits, it’s always nice to let the bride and groom have a few quiet moments with one another to reflect on the day so far and of course get some nice images.  We spent a little time inside of Delbury Hall for a change as March isn’t the most colourful of months apart from daffodils but a little wet today.

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

After the wedding breakfast and speeches, I quickly grabbed Chris and Zofia for a couple of  creative shots as it was dark out!   Following this was cutting of the cake in front of the evening guests and the first dance, what a fantastic first wedding day to start my season of 2016.

Below are some of my favourites from Chris and Zofia’s wedding.  If you would like me to be your Shropshire wedding photographer? Then please get in touch here to discuss your day in further detail.

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