Being based in Ludlow I’m often a Shrewsbury wedding photographer which is only 40 minutes away for me. This particular wedding I started off at the Brides parents for some bridal prep which is always fun watching everyone dash around with excitement. Becky is the bride to be today and what a pleasure it is to be involved in her and Phil’s big day.

So after  the bridal prep shots I headed on over to Meole Brace church, Holy Trinity is just a few minutes away from Shrewsbury town centre.  After the service  a coffee and refreshments was held at the holy trinity center next to the church for guests who wasn’t going to make the reception.

While everyone else relaxed, I quickly took the happy couple away to do a selection of shots before the heavens opened up on us!  After this it was a short drive to Eyeton near Telford for the wedding reception which was held at a family members farm, where everyone settled for a relaxing day.

If your having a Shrewsbury wedding and looking for a Shrewsbury wedding photographer then please get in touch.

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