Today’s wedding is at St Georges Church in Clun village followed by a Delbury Hall Wedding Reception.  Last time I saw Rachel and Gerwyn was over 12 months ago when they came to visit me on their sample viewing meeting. Gerwyn and Rachel now live in the USA, so apart from the odd email we haven’t really been in touch much.  The last week we have had such awful weather with lashings of rain, but today the weather is looking to be amazing with beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

The day started with myself at Delbury Hall, capturing all the details of the reception before I headed to Rachel’s parents home in Clun. Bridal prep was well on the way with hairdressers and make up artist hard at work getting all the girls ready for the wedding. The wedding ceremony was held at St Georges Church in Clun village in Shropshire,  a stones throw away from her parents home.  The morning flew by as it usually does, the local butcher who took pride in his Massey Ferguson tractor had the job of taking the girls to the church on a trailer. This was the first time for me having a tractor and trailer  taking the girls to the church and also shooting a wedding at St Georges church.

The wedding ceremony went without a hitch and it was time to throw confetti then to head back to Delbury Hall for the reception. We managed to fit in some portraits which I know Rachel and Gerwyn were a bit nervous about but I think I made them feel comfortable and made it as painless as possible. The following family and general guest shots were next followed by the speeches Below is the story from bridal preparations up to the speeches.

So if you’re having a Shropshire wedding or getting married at Delbury Hall or simply a  wedding reception then look no further and get in touch with me so we can discuss your wedding day in further detail. I shall look forward to finding out about your big day.  Just fill out my contact form here.

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