Powys wedding photographer

Powys wedding photographer

Powys wedding photographer

Towards the end of August last year, I had the pleasure of being Katie and Will’s Powys wedding photographer. The wedding was held at Brampton Bryan church near Bucknell in Shropshire. The after-party was at Katie's parents garden, in the beautiful countryside.Katie and Will had a super relaxed wedding day. Hair and makeup were in full swing when I arrived. On this day I had the pleasure of working alongside Amy from riverside beauty and Anika Wilding was on hair duty, making everyone look even more beautiful.

Family DIY marquee wedding

Will and the boys got ready at the Lion at Leintwardine, obviously involving a few beers before heading to church at Brampton Bryan. It was only a short five minute drive away.  After the ceremony everybody lined up for the confetti shots as Katie and Will walked down the footpath to head back to the family home.

Bucknell wedding photographer

The wedding party was all set up in the family's back garden and the marque fully decorated. The stage set up for the band and the disco dance floor ready for the dancing later that evening along with a DJ set. In the meantime family and friends were enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I have to say it was a pretty darn hot day. Whilst everyone was in the same place, I called them all to the front lawn for the group shot. We did make time for a couple of portraits, but Katie and Will really wanted more natural images rather than loads of portraits of themselves.

Shropshire home garden wedding

Speeches were between each course. Following the speeches, a quick cutting of the cake and then the first dance and the party started! I have to say the disco lighting, set up has to be the best I have ever seen!

This was by far the perfect way to celebrate a garden wedding. Such a more relaxed vibe I find having an event at the family home.  Weddings in the garden and farmers field are just perfect.

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Check out part 2 of this wedding, when Katie and Will had another epic day in the family garden.

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Some suppliers from the day in no particular order:

Cake: https://www.emilyrosecakes.co.uk/

Flowers: http://borageandblossom.co.uk/

Bar: https://www.juniperbars.com/

Marquee: https://goodintents.co.uk/

Make up: http://riverside-beauty.co.uk/

Hair: https://www.facebook.com/anikawildinghairartist/

Catering: https://www.atozest.co.uk/

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