Delbury Hall wedding in Shropshire – Ophelia & Marcus – Summer wedding photography

Have I ever told you that I love photographing weddings at Delbury Hall?  The answer is 100% YES!  But I haven’t yet expressed how much I enjoy capturing an outdoor wedding ceremony. At Delbury Hall you can have an outdoor wedding ceremony as long as the British weather holds out for you.

I arrived as normal early, so I took the opportunity to take a few shots of Delbury Hall and around the  Coach House.  I headed up to join the bridal preparations, Ophelia was doing her own make up and the hair by a friend Embrace Hair.  So part way through the preparations Ophelia had a laptop placed in front of her and a video was played for her. Well talking about getting emotional is a understatement I had to hold the tears back.  Marcus, what a romantic he’d made a video of their journey together as a couple from those early days up to the present day, it was such a special moment for everyone to witness.

The boys had arrived by now so I nipped down to say hello and sneak in a few shots , oh boy they looked proper dapper indeed. Back upstairs to see the wedding dress! Ophelia’s wedding dress would have looked stunning hanging in the grounds of Delbury for one of my creative shots but no-one other than her Mum had seen it.  So it was a massive surprise for her Dad and her Bridesmaids when they walked in to see her.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

It was an absolutely gorgeous day which meant an outdoor wedding ceremony would definitely happen. This has to be my favourite venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies.  After the ceremony the confetti was thrown, I did the group shot straight after this as everyone was all together, it can be difficult to gather people once the canapés and drinks reception have started.

I took every opportunity to do some portraits of Ophelia and Marcus throughout the day, so they could enjoy their big day with their guests and family. This is very important to me and my photography style allowing me to document the day as it unfolds capturing amazing moments.  After cutting the cake it was time for the wedding breakfast, the speeches which were between the main and pudding course.  Father Of The Bride was up first, followed by Marcus and then his Bestman.

Summer wedding photography

It was first dance time and DJ Mister Fox was back to do his stuff and boy he knows how to get the party started.

Here are some of my favourite moments from Ophelia & Marcus’ wedding. If you’re  getting married and like my work then please do get in touch here to discuss your day in further detail.

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