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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and something you would no doubt have spent ages planning. Deciding on the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, the venue and the list goes on.  Then there are the huge emotions that go with getting married, not to mention all the fun, laughter and celebrations with those dear to you. These are priceless, once in a lifetime moments!


No doubt you have looked at many wedding photographer’s websites trying to filter down to that one perfect wedding photographer.  The one that works in a style that fits with YOUR personalities. I personally think it’s vital that you meet face to face prior to booking. You need to find someone who you can feel comfortable around but also make you feel at ease. Essentially become a part of the wedding itself.

My photography style is very much relaxed, working in a documentary wedding photography style thoughtout your day. It’s my passion to capture these fleeting moments in a style that I love so much.  I’m certainly not one of those pushy photographers that takes over your day trying to get portfolio shots or shoving their camera in your face.  

documentary wedding photographer


This is the very reason I got into documentary wedding photography. I was asked by some good friends if I would photograph their wedding. Well I wasn’t experienced enough back then so I suggested they hire a professional wedding photographer.  I had never photographed a wedding so I wanted to ensure the images they had were perfect.  During the bridal prep and throughout the day this professional photographer was following family members into the bathroom, opening doors without knocking with half naked people in. Yep that’s right I couldn’t believe my eyes how he was working.  After seeing and listening to the family and guests talk about how rude and intrusive he was.  I thought to myself I can do this in a discreet and unobtrusive manner.  The rest as they say is history….

documentary wedding photographer


Some couples like to have a pre wedding or engagement shoot before the wedding day. This can be a great ice breaker and a good way for you to get used to the camera and feel more comfortable in front of it on the day.  It makes sense to have a little practice and also it helps to feel comfortable with me.  The location can be anywhere you like, somewhere special to you, a woodland walk, the coast wherever you like.

documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer


Your wedding day is a special day and a unique event to you. You will want to enjoy every second of it, but it will feel like the day has gone by in a flash!  So capturing the day as it happens is very important rain or shine. One of my favourite parts of any wedding day has to be the confetti throwing.  I will be there in the midst of it all!  I tend not to whisk the bride and groom away for photos straight away but just let everything unfold naturally.  Sometimes after this I may take a few shots with the bride and groom and if requested we can do some relaxed family group photos as well.

documentary wedding photographer


As previously said I will spend the majority of the day mingling with you and your guests in an unobtrusive way. Capturing the smiles and tears from friends and family are often the moments that you will treasure the most.  Those special moments that you may miss, those last minute emotions.  Seeing Dad for the first time, pre ceremony nerves of the groom as he waits anxiously at the top of the aisle. These are all beautiful moments that I love to capture for you.

Bringewood Wedding Venue documentary wedding photographerdocumentary wedding photographer


Yes of course I still do some group photographs but I normally recommend that you keep your group photos to a minimum.  So that you don’t get too bored.  You really don’t realise how long these can take and almost dominate the reception time. Especially if someone has wandered off, then someone else disappears to locate them.  But seriously I am flexible on this and more than happy to work to your requirements. I don’t spend hours posing on this as I know you and your guests will want to get back to the party, however I do try to make sure everyone is happy and relaxed.

documentary wedding photographer


When the light is at it’s most flattering I will take some time out for some portraits if you want them.  This is your chance to spend some time together alone and reflect on the days event so far.  Perhaps tell one another how you felt when you first glimpsed eyes on each other . Maybe just have a cuddle or simply go for a stroll, what ever you do as long as you’re relaxed and feeling comfortable.

documentary wedding photographerRachel & Gerwyn – WOW they really are amazing, I don’t know how you managed to get us not looking awkward!

documentary wedding photographer

documentary wedding photographer


I definitely recommend that we meet up before the wedding, getting to know you a little; we can chat about what’s really important to you both and the best way to ensure you get the shots you want in an informal way. But for me the real moments are the ones that you’ll treasure more and more as the years go by, so I make sure this is top of my list unless you want your day full of boring family groups which can sometimes feel like a life time!  As a photographer I want everyone to be enjoying the celebrations so all those spontaneous moments are captured.  I regularly get asked at weddings if I’m an actual friend of the bride and groom, rather than their hired wedding photographer. 

There are so many magical moments that I capture during a wedding. Take a look at my  wedding gallery to see more of my work, including the posed and creative shots.

documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer