Saturday saw the first wedding of 2015 and the weather wasn’t that bad for a February wedding! Apart from some wild gusts and a bit of rain Steve and Georgie still ventured outside for some shots around Ludlow Castle grounds.  Both Steve and Georgie were amazing fun on the pre-wedding shoot and were the same on the wedding day. They both were up for strolling round the grounds and even venturing into the dungeons!

The whole day took please at several locations starting off with bridal prep in Shrewsbury at Georgie’s Sister’s and then onto Ludlow Castle for the ceremony and then Wistantsow Village Hall  through to the evening celebrations finishing off with the first dance.  I had such an enjoyable day working with these two and all of the guests was great.

The pictures below are a selection from the day.

Congratulations to both Steve and Georgie, I can’t wait to create their Ludlow Castle wedding album!

All images are Copyright of Cloud9 Wedding Photography.

If you’re having a wedding in the near future at Ludlow Castle and like my work then please get in touch so we can chat about your wedding day.

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