Lemore Manor – WOW what a wedding venue! Lemore Manor in Eardisley is such a gorgeous Manor House.  There are over 11 acres of gardens and grounds for guests to enjoy, as with most weddings at Lemore Manor, Ben and Margaret invite you to arrive a day before so you can relax with your wedding guests if they choose to stay with you.  As Freya and Jemima got married on the Sunday back in May they had a party the day before with some of the guests who were staying the whole weekend. They apparently had plenty of home made drink and they just chilled out around Lemore Manor grounds and gradually got everything ready for the big day.

I left Ludlow as it was pouring down with rain, but the further I drove towards the Herefordshire  countryside the better the weather looked.  Well what a difference! it was completely dry and as you will see in the pictures it turned into a fantastic sunny day, what a treat it was especially as it was my first wedding at Lemore Manor and I hope for many more.  Freya and Jemima’s wedding was a small event with close friends and family to celebrate the occasion, they had spent alot of time getting all the little details together and telling their story of how they got engaged.

The morning started with Jemima and Emma getting ready in the Bishop Coke room and Freya and Lisa in the Bishop Esne room on the floor above, the morning was more relaxed in the Bishop Esne room but back down in the Bishop Coke room Jemima was getting nervous and excited at the same time. Freya and Jemima did an exchange of notes prior to getting their dresses on, which was a lovely moment to watch.  The guests were ready and waiting in the lounge for the nod to go and sit in the wedding ceremony room, which was small but intimate and had plenty of finishing touches.  I won’t go on and on as some of my posts do as I want my pictures to do the talking and to show you how much of a fantastic day Freya and Jemima had at Lemore Manor on their wedding day, we even had duck herding!

I would very much like to thank Freya and Jemima for letting me capture their perfect wedding day but also to every one of the guests that made me feel welcome.  Finally not forgetting Margaret and Ben for the lovely food and drink they provided me with throughout out the day and what great hosts they were too.

So if you’re considering Lemor Manor as your wedding venue or simply getting married then look no further and get in touch with me so we can discuss your wedding day in further detail. I shall look forward to finding out about your big day.  Just fill out my contact form here.

This is what Freya and Jemima had to say:-

Dear Dominic,

Not only are your photos amazing, but you were a delight to have at our wedding. Lots of our guests have said that it was like having another friend there.
Enormous thanks for all of your efforts,all the way though.
big hugs, Jemima & Freya x x x

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