how I work on your wedding day

How I work on your wedding day

Your wedding is something you’ll have spent ages planning - deciding on the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, the venue… and all the smaller, meaningful bits to make sure everyone has an amazing day. So, you’ll want to enjoy every second of it!

The huge range of emotions, the hugs, the wind-blown hair, those crazy dance moves, that brilliant aunt or uncle who always get smashed at every family event – these moments are priceless. I’ll be there in the midst of it all, letting your day unfold naturally and capturing it as it happens.

So, if you want a collection of vibrant images with a timeless look and feel (I’m a sucker for a well-crafted black and white shot!), if you cringe at the idea of having your photo taken and hate posing… Then I'm the photographer for you.

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"A brilliant photographer and awesome person. Really made our wedding day flow with ease. No stress or hassle, everything we wanted and more. Not just a photographer but now a friend."


The important bits

My approach is very chilled, I do this all the time. I specialise in documentary style wedding photography. I’ve put together a list of the important bits of the day, so you can relax and feel reassured that I’ve got them covered.


Getting ready

Those moments when you are getting ready with your friends and family can be really emotional, so I want to be there for it all!

I normally arrive about two hours before the wedding ceremony. With champagne flowing, it’s a hectic time full of anticipation, love and laughter – I’d much rather be capturing all this for you than waiting until everyone is ready.

When you receive your images, you can look back on the nervous excitement and teary-eyed loved ones with your partner – sharing that experience with them too.



I’ll travel to the church, or ceremony location ahead of the bridal party. Perhaps just a quick walk across a hallway or garden, if your whole day is at the same venue.

As your friends and family arrive, I’ll be capturing the hugs, smiles, cheek pinches and tie adjustments! Next, the nervous banter between groomsmen and last-minute pep talks begin; before they are ushered inside.

This is another part of the day couples can really personalise, I’ve seen brides and grooms arrive in vintage cars, on bikes or even on tractors!

wedding ceremony


During your ceremony, I shoot with two cameras to get wide and close up shots. I may move very discreetly to make sure I can see both of you, as well as your guests. The best spot for me is usually just behind and to the side of the registrar or vicar, I’ll chat with them before hand to make sure they are happy too.

This is a part of the day where you’ll be focussed on each other, getting those words right and committing to each other. My job at the ceremony is to capture all those moments, as well as the reactions of your friends and family as you get married



Confetti, seriously you just can't have enough of the stuff, the more the better in my opinion! It’s surprising how accurately your guests will manage to chuck it, and this is their moment to shine! You’ll definitely be finding it in your hair and clothes for a couple of days.

Make sure you check in advance with your church or wedding venue if they have any restrictions or rules on confetti, most venues prefer natural confetti

Best place to get your confetti is from



Now this is where I go into full ninja mode! I absolutely love capturing the big hugs and smiles as you celebrate with your guests. The reception is another part of the day where couples can really show their personality, with food, styling and thoughtful touches. While you are enjoying canapes and maybe a glass of something bubbly, I will be documenting all the details.

Before your guests sit down for the wedding breakfast, we’ll get some group photos (see below). Then, if you want to, we can also sneak away for 5-10 minutes for a few quick photos of you together as newlyweds.


Group shots

I know family and group shots are still important to people, so before the big day I’ll ask you to prepare a list of a maximum of 8-10 groups. With an organised bridesmaid or best man to help (even better if they team up!) I can get group portraits done very quickly.

This is the most posing you’ll do on the day, so we want to make it as quick and painless as possible; then you can get back to enjoying your reception time with your loved ones.



Speeches are all about actions and reactions. From an emotional family member who brings a tear to everyone’s eye, to the head-in-hand moments when the groomsmen get together to tell ‘that story’!

It’s a great time for me to move through the room, getting shots of guests I might have missed throughout the day. With everyone focussed on the speeches I can get some more really natural, relaxed photos that show what your day was all about.


I’ll sneak some short portrait sessions with you at convenient points in the day, keeping an eye on the weather, light and any awesome scenery that might be available.

Timings can sometimes change unexpectedly, so I’m always adaptable and relaxed in my approach. I want you to be able to enjoy as much time as possible with your guests, without feeling rushed or pressured.

In general, later in the evening will usually be the best time for wedding portraits, depending on the time of year and your plans.


Cutting the cake

Have fun with this one, grab a knife (a sword, or even an axe!) and cut your cake together. I’ve seen this tradition evolve over the years, and I love it when a cake is really personal to the couple. From a many-tiered masterpiece, to a tower of cupcakes or a wall of donuts!


First dance

The first dance, it’s either something you’ve been looking forward to, or something you are looking forward to being over!

But I'll be there to capture that awkward shuffle or perfectly choreographed routine you have been practising for months on end!


The dance floor

I love the craziness a packed dance floor brings. Ultimately, this is one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding!

I get amongst everyone and get right into the action, resulting in some memorable photos. Whether it's Dad dancing like crazy, kids sliding in their socks or Nana unleashing her best jive – I’ll be there capturing it all!

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I’d love to hear from you and find out more about your wedding day. Get in touch for a chat and we can start making some plans!

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