Homme House wedding  – Katherine and Stephen at Homme House

I’m in Herefordshire for a fantastic Homme House wedding and it’s simply a stunning venue surrounded by picturesque views. The theme for today’s wedding is a perfect fusion of quintessentially English elements and beautiful Chinese touches, which is a fitting backdrop for the union of Katherine and Stephen.

Weddings at Homme House

The day started out with some relaxed bridal preparations in the room adjacent to the Bridal suite, which has views looking across towards the Malvern Hills.

Katherine and Stephen had planned to have their wedding ceremony in the walled garden but unfortunately mother nature had other ideas.  The ceremony was held in the main house, which was decorated with lots of Chinese elements scattered around the room including the impressive bunting which just topped it all off nicely.

We had a mixture of rain showers throughout the day, with the occasional dry spell here and there which we took full advantage of, when the opportunity arose.

The guests enjoyed drinks and canapés while the bride and groom went for a ride in a horse drawn carriage accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Herefordshire wedding photography

After the reception and family shots it was time for the speeches and wedding breakfast, which was delightful. I loved Katherine’s father’s speech as it was spoken in mandarin. Stephen’s Father translated it to the guests.

The whole day was such a magnificent event, which flowed wonderfully as the staff are amazing at Homme House.  Homme house weddings are always a pleasure rain or shine! I will let you check out the pictures from the Homme House wedding.

Having a Homme House wedding or getting married in Herefordshire?  Love what I do and would like to know more? then get in touch here to discuss your day.

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