Pre wedding shoot photographer


Pre wedding shoot photographer

Most couples start by telling me they don’t feel confident in front of the camera, it makes them feel nervous. As a pre wedding shoot photographer I know how to settle those nerves.

On a pre wedding shoot you’ll see the way I work behind the camera; we’ll catch up, chat, and really get to know each another. I specialise in documentary wedding photography, capturing all the moments without you having to pose. When your wedding day arrives, I’ll feel like an old friend, and you’ll forget I’m even there.

Another benefit is that you’ll have some awesome photos to share from your pre wedding shoot! It’ll also give you the confidence to relax on your wedding day, knowing I’ll get those important shots to wow you with!

What's a pre wedding shoot?

Pre wedding shoot, couple shoot, engagement shoot – whatever you want to call it. Check out the gallery below for an idea of what sort of shots we’ll be capturing. Couples are often nervous, or self-conscious about being in front of the camera to start with, but you’ll soon be having a fantastic time! I’ll help you relax (I love having a chat, it never really feels like work!) and we’ll get some amazing, natural looking shots.

It’s our first professional photoshoot, what if we don’t like being in front of the camera?

Seriously don't worry. This is where I get involved! Almost every couple will say, “We don’t like having our picture taken!” Don’t worry, I’m used it. I work in a really relaxed, chilled out way, chatting with you and making you feel at ease. Check out some of the images below, everyone has a laugh and realises it was actually quite a lot of fun!

Where should we have our pre wedding shoot?

It’s completely up to you, I'm more than happy to go on a walk at a nearby woods. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, we could go out on a bike ride, visit the zoo, or explore the custard factory with its amazing brightly coloured graffiti. Do you like being by the sea? The beach would be amazing too. With most coastal towns we get the bonus of arcades, and a sometimes the fun fair.

Ultimately a location that means something to you is perfect - maybe where you met, got engaged, or simply your favourite place to be together. It's your shoot!

Can we bring our pet?

The answer to this is simple, 100% YES, pets are family too! I love animals and I’m more than happy to include any family pet in your pre wedding shoot.

Plus, you can always guarantee a pet will do something weird, or hilarious that’ll get us laughing. Having your pet with you helps you feel relaxed and happy, and people always look better in photos when they are relaxed and happy!

What do we do if it rains?

If it's pouring it down and the location has no shelter, then rescheduling is always a possible option. Normally I keep an eye on the weather forecast so we can decide near the time. We can always change the time of the shoot if it looks like the weather will pick up later in the day. I love being outdoors, and landscape photography was what got me started with my camera, so I'm more than happy to dress for the weather and brave the elements!

What shall we wear?

It’s totally up to you. the whole point of a pre wedding shoot is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Wear what you like! It’s worth just making sure you’re not going to get too cold or too hot, so check out the forecast and bring an extra layer if it looks like it might be chilly.

However, if we’re planning a long walk in the countryside then maybe don’t wear your best suit or high heels!


"Working with Dominic was so much fun, his personality,humour immediately puts you at ease

when in front of the camera"

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What can we do with the photos after?

You can do anything you like with them! Previous couples have had their images printed and framed, or added to a keepsake album. You could use the images to announce your engagement, on save the date cards, or perhaps as part of your table décor on the big day.

Some fun, relaxed photos are a nice way to bring a bit of ‘you’ to your wedding day, and there are lots of creative options like guest books, signing frames or picture walls to explore.

You won’t regret it!

Feedback from clients who decided to have a pre wedding shoot is overwhelmingly positive. It helps you prepare for the big day! You’ll actually wonder what all the fuss was all about in the first place!

Once you see how I work and how relaxed my style of photography is, and you’ll realise you don’t need to pose or feel awkward. Settle your nerves, get to know me and understand how I get such natural, beautiful photos while you just enjoy yourselves.

Let’s do this!

If you are looking for a pre wedding shoot photographer, then you’ve found him! I’d love to chat to you about your plans so get in touch below for a chat, let’s get a date in the calendar!

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