I do love a good old farm wedding, and Stuart and Dawn’s is right on their door step!  Stuart and Dawn have been together for over 20 years now and have two beautiful daughters aged 16 and 21.  Stuart had thought might as well tie the knot before they get too old!  So the planning of the wedding was a family affair, not wanting too much fuss and keeping it simple everything was looking good.

One of the key features to a farm wedding is good weather otherwise things can get a bit messy!  Luckily for everyone the weather for the day was a typical gorgeous sunny day when we rarely get them.  Family and friends were camping on site so yet another advantage of a farm wedding.  No expensive hotel fees or overnight parking.  Dawn wanted limited bridal prep coverage so off to Bedstone church for the wedding ceremony.  The church as most village churches, is small but I must say this one was a bit of a squeeze to get everyone inside.  A nice little intimate service followed by confetti.

Back to Jay’s Farm for the remaining celebrations I’s asked Stuart previously if it was possible for me to get up in the front loader so I could get a group shot of every one, and indeed I got what I asked for.  After the formal shots the wedding breakfast was brought forward and on this occasion the speeches were after the meal.  The speeches were full of laughter and a good old poem about the stag party all in good humour it was a right laugh at Stuart’s expense.

By the time speeches were over we had time to go round to the fishing ponds to get some shots of the happy newly weds.  If you read my blog post on Stuart and Dawn’s engagement shoot you will all know that Stuart is in no way a poser!  The weather by now is looking a bit stormy so before we got a downpour I wanted to get some shots in a cornfield with the farm and marque in the distance.

I hope Stuart and Dawn had a fantastic farm wedding and will look forward to my next in 2015.  If you are having a farm wedding or simply looking for a Wedding Photographer then please get in touch here

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