I was really looking forward to once again being back at Delbury Hall, this time for Laura and Ian’s wedding day. Today’s my last wedding of 2015 and for an Autumn wedding the weather is baring up considering it’s been pretty wet the last week or so.

Delbury Hall has been completely pimped, the attention to detail Laura has envisioned for her big day is amazing, she had the help of a friend who runs Jam Jar Weddings & events.  If you would like further details on Delbury Hall – The Coach House wedding venue then take a look at their website here

Delbury Hall Wedding in Shropshire

After the ceremony,  Ludlow Catering staff were ready with drinks and canapés for the wedding reception.  As previously said the weather wasn’t too cold nor was it wet so everyone was able to go outside and enjoy the grounds at Delbury Hall and mingle in the courtyard.  It was time to call everyone for the confetti shot and then I followed this with the group shot of all the guests and then the remaining family shots on the top lawn.

It was nearly time for all the guests to head in for the wedding breakfast and speeches. Laura and Ian stayed back with me for a portrait shoot around the grounds, it’s always nice to let the bride and groom have a few quiet moments with one another to reflect on the day so far and of course get some nice images.

Delbury Hall – Barn Wedding Venue

After the wedding breakfast and speeches, Laura and Ian had planned a line up of all the guests and provided them with sparklers! Following this was cutting of the cake in front of the evening guests and first dance, what a great day and an amazing couple to finish off my 2015 wedding season.

Below are a selection from Laura and Ian’s wedding, if you would like me to be your Delbury Hall Wedding photographer? Then please get in touch here to discuss your day in further detail.

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