Last Friday I  met up with Abbi and Stuart who are getting married in August at St laurences church in Ludlow and then onto the family farm in Worcestershire for the evening reception. It’s not very often I end up being a wedding photographer in Worcestershire but I’ve been friends with Stuart for years now and even worked for his dad.  So both were pretty much relaxed with me and we just took a stroll around the farm and among the hops!  Never knew how sharp they were until I caught my face, lesson learnt and you can see Abbi & Stuart’s reaction when I  fell into the hops.

I know it can often be the case that wedding photographers emphasise the importance of these Pre-Wed shoots because it helps us build up a rapport that will translate to more relaxed photographs come your wedding day.  This is certainly the case in my experience and it’s one of the main reasons why I highly recommend a Pre-wed session.

If you are getting married anywhere else and are still looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in a creative yet relaxed fashion I would love to hear from you.  You can use my contact form or please feel free to just call me for a chat about your wedding, 07860879012.

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